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Sheep Cupcakes

If you’re trying to find Associate in Nursing endearing Easter course formula, consider these Sheep Cupcakes! Everybody can love these charming Easter cupcakes at the course table!

Sheep Cupcakes

These endearing Sheep Cupcakes square measure created with plenty of affection, your favorite chocolate cake formula, homespun buttercream icing, and ready-made fondant! There square measure some alternative odds and ends required to form these Easter cupcakes a success! However farewell as you’ve got plenty of affection, very little helpers, and some tools and ingredients, you'll have plenty of fun with creating these!

Whether these Sheep Cupcakes square measure for your own Easter celebration reception, for a gathering with friends or family, or being created to bless somebody else for the vacation, these square measure really easy to place together! Gather all the youngsters and have ’em assist you for this one, it’s a large amount of fun to form and create! You won’t be sorry!

Sheep Cupcakes

Making your own buttercream icing isn't a troublesome task in any respect. Plus, it’s delicious! If you wish to avoid wasting time, you'll get store bought icing if you needed to during a pinch! It’s completely acceptable, however I even have to inform you, this buttercream is delicious, The fully funnest half concerning creating these Sheep Cupcakes is mistreatment the candy to make their faces. I want a child once more twiddling with Play-Doh or clay! That’s primarily what it's, except will be} edible and deliciously so! If you return at this and alternative baking recipes realizing that candy can be manipulated during this method, then your mind is receptive all the possibilities! The youngsters love doing it too! Such a fun activity to try and do along, you know?really straightforward to ready for any formula, and it’s easy to embellish with once needed!

Sheep Cupcakes


For the fondant sheep :

  • 4-6 oz. black fondant

  • 1 oz. white fondant

  • edible black food marker

  • Small bowl water

  • paintbrush

For the buttercream :

  • 1 stick butter softened

  • 2 cups confectioners’ sugar

  • 2-3 tbsp milk


  1. Before you start the decorating process, ensure that your cupcakes are completely cool to the touch. (You won’t want the buttercream to melt!) It’s best to cool these on a wire rack.

  2. Start the fondant sheep by rolling 24 spheres from your white fondant. They should be ¼ of an inch in size. Flatten them out a little.

  3. With your edible black food marker, draw one pupil in the center of each fondant eye ball.

  4. Now, it is time to roll your fondant sheeps’ head. With your black fondant, roll spheres that are about ½ of an inch in size.

  5. Flatten each sphere and pinch it at the top – it should somewhat resemble an egg.

  6. Brush a little bit of water on the top of each fondant sheep head with the paintbrush. Place two eyes on each black fondant piece.

  7. With a toothpick, press two lines at the bottom of the fondant head – they will act as the sheeps’ nostrils.

  8. With the remainder of your black fondant, roll out 24 spheres, about ¼ of an inch in size. Shape them into mini triangles. These will act as your sheep’s ears.

  9. To make the buttercream, use an electric mixer and beat butter, sugar and milk on medium speed. Gradually increase it to high.

  10. Once the ingredients are smooth and form semi-stiff peaks, your buttercream is ready.

  11. Scoop the buttercream into a piping bag, set with Wilton decorating tip #21. Frost each cupcake with small dollops and cover the surface entirely.

  12. Place the fondant pieces on top of each cupcake. Serve and enjoy!


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