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Kiwi Banana Smoothie With Blueberries

This Kiwi Banana Smoothie with Blueberries appearance virtually like Spring! Simply some of minutes and many ingredients to make.

Kiwi Banana Smoothie With Blueberries

So this past week Mitja has been requesting smoothies for breakfast, therefore the liquidizer is performing some additional hours. What number smoothie mixtures will one truly create up? The solution is – countless! We’ve been mixing oranges and bitter cherries and mango and spent all of the bananas within the house, that could be a bit uncommon as a result of we tend to invariably appear to be having blackened bananas that nobody desires to eat.

So we’ve truly run out of bananas and it’s solely weekday. For tomorrow’s breakfast, I'll simply got to go together with solely apples, yogurt, and cold cereal, mix it and decision it a smoothie.

Kiwi Banana Smoothie With Blueberries

I recently discovered a true food gem – quinoa puffs. Does one grasp of it? These small puffed balls area unit simply fun and that I appear to be adding them to simply concerning each breakfast/dessert dish lately . If you'll, you've got to do it.

I am additionally terribly excited that the native stores area unit currently giving a lot of and a lot of contemporary herbs, as I really like operating with contemporary ingredients and…. Well, it’s the dead of winter and there's not extremely a lot of out there at the instant. But alas, the times area unit finally – tho' slowly – obtaining longer, and that I will faux spring is simply round the corner, as I placed on my winter gloves, hat, coat, and scarf simply to travel get the mail outside.

Kiwi Banana Smoothie With Blueberries

So whereas we’re looking ahead to Spring, let’s pop some color into the dishes with this beautiful Kiwi Banana Smoothie with Blueberries.


  • 4 organic kiwis

  • 1 banana

  • 2 tbs blueberries, fresh or frozen

  • 2 ts quinoa puffs

  • 1/2 cup greek yogurt

  • 1/2 cup water

  • fresh mint leaves


  1. Peel kiwis and banana and cut into slices. Save a couple of kiwi slices for decoration.

  2. Place kiwi and banana slices in a blender. Add greek yogurt and about 1/2 cup water (more as needed, if the smoothie is too thick). Blend until smooth.

  3. In a glass jar, place a few kiwi slices on the glass wall and slightly push them onto the glass to create a good contact. Pour in the smoothie and top with blueberries, quinoa puffs and mint leaves. Serve.


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