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Caramel Apple Grape

Caramel Apple Grapes ar the proper snack! Grapes swayback in caramel then in batty. A touch treat that tastes like sweet in each bite.

Caramel Apple Grape

Our twenty one days of no food involves associate degree finish tomorrow. I’d like to say “it was the most effective issue we have a tendency to might have done!” Or “it’s modified my uptake habits forever!” Or “wow. I lost a pair of inches around my thighs!” However um…no. 

I’m glad it’s over. Honestly, once the primary week of adjustment (which was brutal), the remaining days weren’t horrifying, I suppose. However I definitely didn’t get pleasure from it. And I’m still looking for the reward, apart from bragging rights. Whoopie.

Caramel Apple Grape

It helped (unbeknownst to us) to start this challenge within the hotter months, once all we actually needed to try and do was eat popsicles and watermelon, anyway. However oddly enough, having to relinquish up a number of my favorite treats like this French Coconut Pie.

The torture wasn't having the ability to possess chips with sandwiches, no Cheeze-Its at 3pm once I’m starving and wish one thing fast to tide Pine Tree State over till dinner, and also the absence of one thing chocolaty at the top of a meal.

As for Paul, this challenge was loads easier for him. BUT…swearing off frozen dessert was pure misery. I imagine come back Wednesday, he would possibly devour a complete carton of mountain and Jerry’s.

Along the means, I had to induce inventive with home-brewed snacks. Found these grapes with caramel and fell enamored. They extremely do style like very little bites of caramel apple!

Caramel Apple Grape


  • handful of seedless green grapes

  • toothpicks

  • 2 tablespoons heavy cream

  • 1 cup caramel bits

  • 1 cup salted peanuts or cashews , crushed finely


  1. Poke toothpicks into your grapes; set aside.

  2. In a small pot, over medium-low heat, combine the caramel bits and cream. Stir until melted. Reduce heat to lowest setting just to keep warm.

  3. Dip the grapes into the caramel sauce and then into the crushed nuts. Place on a plate to set. Repeat until all the grapes are used.

  4. That's it! Pop those babies in your mouth and enjoy!


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